‘Water’ because we have plenty and it is essential to whisky-making.

‘Proof’because it is the old spirit strength measuring scale. Once strength was ‘proven’ with gunpowder – later with a more peaceful hydrometer. In 1980 British Proof Spirit changed to Alcohol Percentage.

‘WaterProof’because it is sensible outdoor wear and this whisky is bottled at higher strength and can handle water.

WaterProof Whisky - Love it when it's pouring.



WATERPROOF is a Sherry-influenced malt whisky from a handful of top distilleries, batch bottled at higher than normal strength.

The name and looks are inspired by 'Water' and 'Strength' (Proof) and by the Scottish inventor of the much-needed raincoat (the Mac), Charles Macintosh.

45.8% ABV - 100% MALT

It is hard not to notice WATERPROOF Malt. It … is… Y E L L O W; a warm yellow though still the most luminous of colours.

Does that mean it is shouting a little? More like a loud whisper perhaps – but we would like to think it has the credentials to back it up: Inside you will find malt only from a handful of top distilleries. We would say that, wouldn’t we?

Well we can back up the claim, just not through naming those distilleries in public as that might just put future supply in danger.

But whisky makes people talk…

In addition to traditional oak we use a healthy amount of sherry casks in the making of WATERPROOF. It does not make it a “sherry-bomb”, but rather a balanced and “sherry-influenced” dram; we are looking for complexity and versatility which we also reach through a good span between the youngest drop and the oldest malt in the bottle with the oldest being a good bit older than a standard single malt. As for describing the whisky? Instead of getting too poetic, we have five descriptors.


NEAT OR.......

This sherry-influenced WATERPROOF Malt is rather sippable neat. The name and higher than normal strength indicate that this complex long-lasting malt can handle water, but do not let us influence you on how to enjoy this whisky. Saying that, some bartenders sort of held us hostage for a period and we are now obliged to admit that WATERPROOF does perform rather well in cocktails.

You can see them under serves.


WATERPROOF is genuinely batch bottled. We are not claiming this to be revolutionary, just adds a bit of personality to the batch and it will be an explanation of why in the future there will be tiny variances between batches. In keeping with our ethos all future batches will be with malt whisky from top tier distilleries, sherry influenced and will be bottled at a higher than standard strength.


At WATERPROOF we appreciate the outdoors, the rain and the pour. With elaborate raindrops on the yellow label and a rubber necktag, WATERPROOF clearly takes inspiration from the Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh and his invention ‘waterproofing’ and the subsequent Mackintosh jacket or Mac (the raincoat). It is about time he is celebrated along with the rain that we are so dependent on to make whisky.

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