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It may be a straight rye, but there’s nothing ordinary about it. This full-bodied whiskey’s got backbone with a bold rye flavor and solid mix of sweet and spice.
Spicy hints on the nose, it opens up with unpretentious rye flavours balanced with notes of vanilla.

Nose: Oily dilly rye spice and citrus come through first accompanied by a dark candy sweetness and a bit of an herbal nature. It’s not deep or complex, but it’s nice.
Palate: Rye spice, dill, citrus, caramel and a sugar cookie sweetness with a touch of vanilla. The palate is a bit more complex and well rounded than the nose and I’m a bit surprised at how well developed this is for it’s youth.
Finish: Medium fade of rye spice, dill and sweetness that fades to a dry saw dust like flavor.

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